/How to overcome self limiting beliefs?

How to overcome self limiting beliefs?

How to identify and get rid of self limiting beliefs to become unlimited?
Did you know that you might be limited by self limiting thoughts and ideas?

One single self limited belief can ruin your whole life.

Let’s find out how to identify and transform it into empowering believe.

Here are 63 self limiting beliefs that might destroy your life:

1. I’m not somebody who follows through
2. I’m good at starting projects but I can’t finish them
3. I’m not an expert
4. Nobody cares what I have to say
5. I’m not perfect. Why would anybody listen to/buy from/hire me?
6. I didn’t work hard enough on this
7. I’m not worth it
8. I don’t deserve [money, recognition, success]
9. I don’t have time
10. My family isn’t entrepreneurial (“Smiths don’t start businesses!”)
11. People will judge me
12. I’m a creative
13. I’m not creative
14. I’m a procrastinator
15. I’ll sound stupid
16. Somebody has thought of this before
17. Other people can do it better than me
18. Nobody is interested in my ideas
19. My idea is weird. It’s not the norm
20. If I succeed, I won’t be able to sustain it
21. I don’t have the skills
22. I’ll never be creative/analytical/mathematical/good at selling enough to be an entrepreneur
23. People who have something to sell are evil
24. Nobody would want what I have to offer
25. I don’t know enough
26. I’m not a [numbers, business] person
27. The people who are successful in this are out of your league
28. You’re not going to be successful so there’s no point in trying
29. I’m too old
30. I’m too young
31. I owe it to others to always work for them
32. I’m beneath these people
33. I’m a quitter. I don’t finish things. I don’t persist
34. I’m lazy
35. Entrepreneurs are sleazy
36. I’m

 not original enough
37. People like me don’t … (build businesses, become entrepreneurs, become successful)
38. People won’t take me seriously because I’m

(female, male, young, old, fat, thin)
39. I’ll look foolish
40. I don’t feel like I could give enough value
41. I’ve tried it before and failed, so I’ll fail if I try again, too
42. I can’t because I have kids. I can’t because I
43. Regardless of how hard I might work at something or how well I might do, I’ll never measure up
44. I will always avoid pursuing goals that matter to me
45. What is meant to be will happen
46. I can’t ask for anything. I’ll be rejected
47. I don’t/wouldn’t know where to start
48. The only way to success is to go to college, get a degree, and work your way up the corporate ladder
49. I don’t have the willpower
50. I’m just not motivated
51. I’m happy with how things are now
52. I’m not smart enough
53. I can’t do that
54. There is no point
55.  I don’t have enough money
56. I don’t have enough support
57. I don’t have the connections
58. I’m too shy
59. I’m too scared
60. That’s just not “me”
61. I’m not tech savvy
62. I don’t know what I want
63. Now is not the time.

For some strange reason any thought or idea you hold in your mind objectifies itself in physical reality. What you think today will be your future. That’s why

 ideas like this destroy people’s lives.

If you have any of this beliefs or any other limiting belief you should get rid of them.  Let’s do it.

There are 3 steps you can take to get rid of a self limiting belief

Take a piece of paper and write it down
You should identify it clearly.


it’s impossible to solve a problem you are not aware about. Let’s say your self limiting believe is “I don’t have time”

2. Instead, create new positive and inspiring belief. 
A positive believe in order to work and influence your behavior should follow a few criteria.
It should be positive without the word “no”.

If you would say “I don’t waste my time” it wouldn’t work. But if you would say “I am the best at time management. I have time for anything what’s important for me” it will work.

You should use present tense only. You can’t say “I will manage my time well”.

Because you always live in the present. That’s why you should say “I am managing my time in the best way”
The belief should be personal. Always use the world “I”. Don’t say “managing time is easy” instead say “I am managing my time easily and well”

So you should brainstorm some ideas and create the best belief possible. I would say
“I am managing my time easily and well. I have time for anything I want”

You’ve learned how to overcome the biggest obstacle which is self limiting beliefs, now go confidently in the direction of your dreams nothing will stop you!