/Two most important skills of a successful entrepreneur.

Two most important skills of a successful entrepreneur.

Leadership is the ability to lead  people after you. It’s easy to understand if you are a leader or a follower. Leaders have followers, if you have followers you are a leader.

The job of a business owner is to lead people, especially experts  who know how to make the job done. Any great business man have to have only two skills leadership and management. 

It doesn’t matter if you were born black or white male or female. Through practice and repetition you can learn all you need to learn and develop any skill. So you can develop leadership and management skills.

On the other hand laziness and stupidity are necessary to be a successful businessman.

 because if you think you’re smart and super hard working man you will try to do everything yourself and you will never be successful because there’s only so much work one person can do.

Stop doing everything yourself. Stop trying to figure out everything. Instead develop your leadership and management skills. Hire smart people who will  make the job better than you do. After that your business will go to the next level.